Rick Hadrava

Managing Partner

Rick is a 25-year veteran in the wealth management industry. He has worked closely with business owners and families helping create and manage their wealth. Additionally, he has trained, recruited, and managed successful financial advisors in offices all over Texas and Oklahoma. Rick knows firsthand the challenges of the financial services industry as an advisor, as a client, and as a business owner.

With work in exit planning and retirement planning, today Rick, and his business partner, Valery Oswald, own and run Epic Wealth Management. A business focused on serving business owners and a select number of families through their business consulting and wealth management practices.

Rick believes that wealth management and wealth creation are two very distinct things and works to provide leadership to clients in his efforts to help clients accomplish success with both. Rick also believes that when it comes to the client/advisor dynamic, whether business owners or families, success comes down to one thing – the relationship.

Processes, discipline, and accountability to a goal matter. However, an advisor needs to go beyond the numbers to the emotions behind the financials – The Dreams, purpose, mission, etc. Rick’s mission is to bring his team’s experience, knowledge, connections, and creativity to the dreams, purpose, and goals of their clients.

Rick enjoys supporting Boy Scouts and the many sports where his children participate. He is an avid runner, loves camping and hiking, and loves being around other entrepreneurs. He has a deep passion for continuing to learn and grow in his desire to serve others. He has two terrific children and been married to his wife Ann for 24 years.

Rick is a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University. He has had the honor of attending additional programs at The Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia, PA and is an ongoing member of Strategic Coach. 

Rick served 8 years in the Oklahoma Army National Guard as a member of the 45th Infantry Division, both as an enlisted soldier and an officer. He continues to support the 45th and veteran concerns.

Rick has served on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Alzheimer's Association and actively supports several other non-profit organizations in Oklahoma.

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